This Oval Shaped Makeup Brushes are suitable for any kind of foundation, blush, powder, cream etc. Because these brushes are packed with very fine fiber, it delivers a streak-free flawless coverage that you can’t get with your bare hands, and beauty blenders.


  • Soft and flexible to give your skin great care. Mild cutin to create smooth skin and to brighten your skin tone.
  • Fast drying, durable and moisture-resistant.
  • Easy to clean. Just use warm water, and gentle soap. Let it air dry and it will be ready for use again.



  • The fashion toothbrush design and the high quality synthetic hair of the Oval Shaped Makeup Brushes provides optimal ability to hold powder while being soft and pleasant for your skin.


  • The Oval Shaped Makeup Brushes are being used by makeup professionals, YouTube professionals and product design. Their professional requests led to the design.


  • The remarkable Oval Shaped Makeup Brushes are made entirely well for an outstanding price.

Oval Cosmetic Brushes 10-Pack