Hair Extensions

3 Different Types of Hair Extensions

When you want long, gorgeous hair, you don't have to wait years for it to grow out. With hair extensions, you can get the hair of your dreams in just a few hours! Here are the three different ways to attach the hair extensions to your head.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in extensions are ones you can yourself in just a few minutes at home. They are the most temporary option as well so you can change your look up every day. To place them, you simply part the hair around your head and pin up the top section. Then open the clip, attach it to the hair at the bottom of your part, and close the clip. Then let your hair down and enjoy your new long tresses!

Sew In Hair Extensions

Sew in extensions take more time to place and require an extra set of hands, but they also last longer. For this style, you'll braid your hair horizontally with braids that are tight to the scalp. Then, you'll sew the weft of the hair into the braided sections, one section at a time. You'll have a full head of gorgeous hair in just a couple hours!

Glue In Hair Extensions

Glue in extensions come in two types: I-tip and U-tip. I-tip extensions have a piece of hardened glue that holds the ends of the hair together in one long tip, like the letter "I". You pull out a tiny section of hair, place it next to the tip, then use a hot tool to melt the glue to your natural hair. U-tip is similar, but has a U-shaped tip that you place the hair inside of.

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