Eye Lash Extensions

Top Tips for Applying Eye Lash Extensions At Home

Eye lash extensions give you that extra boost of gorgeous, whether you're heading out to party it up, heading in to work, or just having a casual day with your lover. Here's our tips for making them flawless every time.

Double Up

For an extra powerful look, stack 2 sets of lashes on top of each other before applying to your eyes.

Cut in Half

On the other hand, try cutting the lashes in half and applying to only the outer corner of your eye. This gives you a more natural look.

Apply Glue to Your Lash Line

Instead of putting the glue on your eye lash extensions, try applying directly to your lash line first. Wait for it to get tacky, then add the extensions.

Find Your Perfect Eye Lash Extensions

We have a variety of different styles of eye lash extensions available online. Shop today and look gorgeous tomorrow!