Curly Hair Extensions

How to Care for Curly Hair Extensions

Just like with normal human hair, curly hair needs to be maintained differently than straight hair. When it comes to curly hair extensions, the rules are no different. Whether you're rocking natural hair clip ins, sew ins, or glue ins, here are our top tips for maintaining those long beautiful curls!

Wash Day

If you're already a curly girl, you probably already know that you should be washing your hair as little as possible. The same is true for curly hair extensions. Try to keep shampooing to 1-2 days per week, and in between use only conditioner. Comb it through your hair while it's wet in the shower, and style with a cream once you get out.


Silicones and sulfates are the biggest things to stay away from when it comes to your products. When you go shopping, read the ingredients list. If any of them end with -one or -ate, put it back on the shelf and try again. Silicones will weigh your hair down, and sulfates will dry it out. Definitely not a combo for a cute hair day!

Bed Time

Add some hair care to your bed time routine and you'll wake up with gorgeous curls instead of a frizzy mess. Avoid adding friction that causes frizziness by choosing a satin pillowcase or headscarf. You can also braid the curly hair extensions to prevent matting and tangling.

Natural Hair Clip Ins for Curly Girls!

Shop for curly hair extensions online with Hair Behaviors. We have a wide variety of hair types from straight to kinky curly, and several different attachment styles. The most popular are our natural hair clip ins, but we offer other styles as well to suit your needs. Shop today or contact us with questions!